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SEIDO Collector at DUSK

SEIDO Collector doing it's job!

Seido 5-16 Evacuated Tube Solar Collector

 w/ 16 Curved Absorber Plate Evacuated Tubes,

 Aluminum Extruded Header Box, Collector Frame.


SEIDO Collector mounted on Wooden Deck

Unit was ground mounted on pressure treated wooden deck.


For more information on the SUNDA line please visit  the U.S. Sales Agent for SUNDA
Evacuated Tube Collectors
Sun Spot Solar.  Control Alt Energy, LLC is an authorized dealer.




Looking west on an overcast evening.  Despite the clouds, the solar storage tank was showing 110 degrees of preheated water from the sun at the end of the day.

We have recently seen 140 degrees after a sunny day at 9pm.  The technology simply works great!



The customers existing 80 gallon water heater was reused (electric disconnected) and is now used as a solar storage tank.  On sunny days, the collectors are capable of supplying 100% of the homes hot water needs.  One feature of our design is to incorporate a tankless water heater into the mix.  Thus ensuring an ample supply of hot water on days when the sun can not satisfy 100% of the hot water demand.  You gain efficiency in that you are not paying to keep water hot 24 X 7 X 365. 



We installed this 20 circuit 100 amp sub panel to accommodate the additional electrical loads for the tankless hot water heater.  While these units are more efficient overall than a traditional tank heater.  They do require a lot of capacity in order to heat the water as you use it.  The real savings is that you only pay to heat the water you use and since our project utilized the solar collector and 80 gallon storage tank, the unit will rarely need to run.  In the summer, the solar system will heat the water to a point it will pass right through the tankless heater without even turning on.

SEIDO curved collector up close!

Look at the simplicity of the technology, no moving parts, nothing to wear out. 



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