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Pictures taken during our Skystream 3.7 installations in Hegins and Barry township.

Always striving to improve our processes...

 We came up with the idea to manufacture a reusable steel form for the concrete foundation.

If you are a wind generator installer and would be interested in a custom fabricated concrete form made to your specifications, contact us below, we can help!

  I can say having this reusable form has cut down significantly on the time needed per installation by eliminating the labor intensive process of manufacturing a wooden form.

A big thanks to Rosenberger Plumbing and Heating for use of their shop.

Bob McBreen from Fromm electric for the use of a tubing bender.

As well as Joe Wollyung, Andy Wollyung, John Kurtak,

 and Danny "Billy Bob" Kleeman for their efforts in making this form a reality.


Old style form

Completed concrete form standing on end.

New form under construction

Transporting the materials to the job site.


Transporting the materials to the job site.




Getting Ready for pour #1

After the pour 5/21/09...





The form removed...

After a quick ride to the next job site and we are resetting the form for pour #2


Almost ready for pour #2 not long after stripping the forms from pour #1


Pour II 5/29/09



One day later and time to strip the form and move on to the next job.




Back to Hegins to run the conduit and wire


Pour III 6/5/09





Raising # I 6/20/09


The plan was to beat the weather...


The original plan was to place the tower so it would rest where the Blazer is sitting...


Dry Run (pun intended)...


Time for the real deal...



Another one catching the wind, time to check the meter...


It looks like we finished just in time...





Raising # II 6/27/09

At least it isn't raining!





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